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Your Life is a Masterpiece Waiting to be Discovered


You don’t have to live with whatever life throws you—or whatever you’ve gotten yourself into—you can change your story. Kirstin Leigh shares captivatingly honest accounts of her dreams, detours, tragedies, and triumphs. She shows audiences by example that they are not their pain, their problems, or their past. “God has a purpose and a plan for your life. But you have to believe it, and you have to fight for it!”


*For workshops and series, topics such as: overcoming depression, breaking free from life controlling issues, letting go of lies, lifestyles, and faulty mindsets that hold you back, understanding the power in words and thoughts, and the reality of spiritual warfare, are discussed in depth.



Reclaim Your Destiny


A Christian girl from KY, Kirstin Leigh shares what it is like to live a double life, to fall into a pit of addiction and hopelessness. Kirstin was active in her church, did volunteer work… everyone commented on “what a light” she was. No one knew she drank twenty beers a day and cried herself to sleep most nights. Not only does Kirstin Leigh inspire audiences with her road to victory, she leaves them with tangible strategies to overcome addictions of any kind, and reclaim their destiny.



  The Key to Your Breakthrough


We have to Deal to Heal--underneath the lies, lifestyles, pain and problems, is the Purpose God created us for. Kirstin Leigh shares how the dream she ran away from, is the very thing that enabled her to break free from addiction. “There is a God sized dream inside every single one of us. It’s what makes us unique—it’s the reason we are here. Discovering your purpose doesn’t just change your life. It saves your life.” Purpose requires you to see beyond your current predicament. It enables you to try again, to get up one more time…purpose requires that you keep believing.


Become The Hero of Your Story


One of the unique aspects of Kirstin’s breakthrough is that she used everything she learned in acting school to break free from a decade of addictions. In this dynamic message, Kirstin shares a 4 step formula that will enable audiences to set clear intentions, redefine conflict, establish goals, achieve success, and transform their personal narrative into a powerful story. By applying basic acting principles and elements of story structure to their own life, audiences are empowered to leave the role of the victim and/or villain behind, and become the hero of their own story.


Where You Are is Not Who You Are

Don't let anyone or anything drown out the voice that says, “You were made for more.” Kirstin shares the many “states” she has been in that were not conducive to the plan God had for her life.


“Whether it is a state of mind, an actual place, a situation or circumstance, don’t let “where you are, become who you are.” It is never too late to become the person God created you to be.

"Kirstin Leigh gives us hope that we can change the channel at any point in our journey and find a life full of meaning and strength." 

--TIM STOREY, World Renowned Pastor (Oprah's Super Soul Sunday)

For Teens

Set the Stage


In her down to earth, yet captivating, make you laugh through tears style, Kirstin Leigh shares how seemingly innocent decisions can change your life forever, and how habits can become addictions. Kirstin challenges tweens and teens to dream big from where they are, to not make excuses, and to realize that with every choice they make, they are setting the stage for their future.


Acting 101


“Acting isn’t about memorizing lines. It’s about knowing who you are and deciding what you want.” After struggling with an addiction to alcohol for over a decade, one of the unique aspects of Kirstin’s breakthrough is how she used her acting background to “change her story.” By utilizing tools such as understanding your backstory, knowing your objective, and defining your “why.” this life changing message offers a fresh perspective on making changes that stick.


You’re the Director


God is The Creator of your story. But free will puts you in the Director’s chair. Kirstin shares Hollywood stories about movies never being made due to the Director straying from The Creator’s vision. She correlates this with the plan God has for our life. “God has a purpose and a plan for our life... but we have to get on board with His plan! This means letting go of our own plans and seeking His will for our life.”

“Kirstin Leigh is a powerful, refreshing, and dynamic speaker. She takes her audience on a journey of triumph regardless of where they may have started.” —Touré Roberts, Founder of The Potters House at One Church LA.

Kirstin Leigh will give you the impetus and inspiration you need to get you ‘unstuck’ and make those long desired changes in your life!  A natural encourager, Kirstin proves that it doesn't matter where you’ve been--you CAN change your story!

—NANCY STAFFORD, Best-selling Author, Actress (Matlock)

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