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Change Your Story

Are you ready to conquer depression and find Freedom from Addictive Behavior? Are you tired of fighting the same battles, barely getting by? Do you struggle with your past? Wrestle with an addiction? Are you self-medicating? Drinking too much? Has food become an obsession? Are you searching for purpose?


Do you feel like somewhere along life’s way, you lost a little bit of you? Are you a survivor who is ready to soar?


The Change Your Story Workshop  frees you to be You. Not the you life has molded--the YOU God created.

Throughout the course you will learn to:

*Change Your Story

*Identify your why

*Understand the psychology behind your desires

*Conquer unwanted cravings  

*Process feelings and emotions

*Have a stronger sense of self

*Strengthen your relationship with God

*Learn to trust & fully forgive

*Rewire your brain

*Recognize spiritual warfare

*Develop positive habits

*Find freedom from alcohol and other related substances

*Uncover the promises and provision hiding behind your problems

*Stop repeating dysfunctional patterns and addictive cycles

*Take control of your life

*Pursue Purpose--the Key to Breakthrough

We have to Deal to Heal

You don’t have to live with whatever life has thrown you—or whatever you’ve gotten yourself into—you can Change Your Story! You can find Freedom from Addictive Behavior. You can get your life on track with God’s plan. God has a purpose and plan for your life that is greater than you can possibly imagine. But you have to believe it. And you have to fight for it.

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