Unique Qualities~

"One of the unique aspects of my breakthrough is that I used everything I learned in acting school to change my story." Kirstin Leigh

* Participants learn how to break down their life like an actor breaks down a scene. Using elements of story structure and basic acting techniques, they are able to leave the role of victim and/or villain behind and become the hero of their own life.

* While The Change Your Story Workshop is a faith based program, it shares characteristics of SMART Recovery. It is self-empowering and promotes taking personal responsibility of your life.

* No one will ever be asked to take on a label or say they are powerless over an addiction.

* The Change Your Story Workshop not only empowers individuals to break free from life controlling issues, it inspires them to discover the promises, provision and purpose that has been hiding behind them.

* The Change Your Story Workshop does not promote a life of recovery. It equips people with the tools they need to live in the freedom God provides.