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"One of the unique aspects of my breakthrough is that I used everything I learned in Acting school to "change my story." -Kirstin Leigh

Interested in ACTING? Ready for a Breakthrough?

Acting isn’t about memorizing lines. It’s about the motivation behind the lines. It’s Knowing who you are, Deciding what you want, Identifying what is standing in your way, and Determining what needs to change in order for you to achieve success.

Acting for BREAKTHROUGH is Independent of
The Change Your Story Workshop.
Acting for Breakthrough 
Empowers You to~

*Utilize the actor's language of motivations, objectives, and goals to radically reorganize your own life

*Gain the clarity and insight needed to make changes that stick

*Overcome the wounds and fears that keep you from living at your highest potential

*Follow a 4 step formula that enables you to set clear intentions, redefine conflict, establish goals, and achieve success

*Transform your personal narrative into a powerful story

Throughout this course you will:

*Take on diverse, dynamic and complex characters

*Analyze scripts

*Learn how to do a "character breakdown"

*Identify how your character's backstory is affecting his/her current circumstance 

*Determine overall, underlying, and immediate objectives 

*Create powerful performances

*Explore your creativity​



"ACTING for BREAKTHROUGH" is independent of The Change Your Story Workshop. To find out about pricing and availability, please fill out the form below.


You will be contacted within five business days. Thank you!

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