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Danielle's Testimony

Dominique's Testimony

The Change Your Story Workshop is for anyone wanting to transform their life and ditch bad habits or addictions and move toward achieving their dreams. This class is worth your time. Kirstin creates a safe and supportive environment and she is a caring teacher who will guide you to identify the root of your issues. It will free you to heal yourself from bad habits or addictions and to begin the process of forgiving yourself and accepting the limitations of others. Your self-esteem and confidence will grow. You will develop a new perspective and positive outlook on your life. You will begin to implement new tools that will keep you on track with supporting your dreams and goals. ~World shaker!

“To anyone considering enrolling…The Change Your Story Workshop is a God ordained appointment for you. It is an opportunity to grow and dig deep in areas you normally avoid due to fear, life, etc.” –Regan 

Kirstin nurtures a community of safety and trust in this class that has lasted beyond the Change Your Story Workshop. Her workshop helped guide me, step by step to a closer relationship with God. Kirstin helped me dig beyond negative habits/behaviors to get to the root cause and gave me tools to help me grow. I’ll be revisiting her workbook to continue the work I’ve started for years to come. --Lynn

This workshop was such a blessing and came in my life at the perfect time. I joined because I truly want to be the best version of myself as a mom and to heal from past trauma and this workshop was definitely a blessing and came at a perfect time. –Name withheld

Kirstin truly demonstrates respect for all of us and our story and her compassion towards me and my story helped me to finally find the courage to break away from shame and condemnation and to choose freedom. I love the way she is open and vulnerable in sharing your own story because it demonstrates the grace of God in her life and how He did a miracle for her and it makes me see that He can do that for me too. ~Name withheld

Week 2 was so healing and I was able to find “new things to replace “my thing”. I did a column of my “negative thing” eg being impulsive and I realize that I was doing that because I wanted instant gratification which is actually just me having a desire for adventure, so I replaced that with being more self-controlled and planning weekly fun activities and adventures to look forward to. –Name withheld

One of my favorite things about the workshop is hearing other people’s story. These are people of God who are going through life’s issues and struggles and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my personal struggles. I felt like I wasn’t a good enough or a strong enough Christian and that’s why I had been going through a lot of challenges. Now I know differently.--Anna

The Change Your Story Workshop helped me to be clear on what has been holding me back. It also helped me to find the grace in my story. --Name withheld

“The Change Your Story Workshop goes deep, helping each person to face the known and unknown, in a way that is loving and supported. This workshop allowed me to think past what I knew to apply the tools that’ll serve my healing journey. I recommend this workshop to EVERYONE because becoming the best version of yourself doesn’t happen when we get the right job, the perfect parent, etc, it happens when we shift our stories to align with God's story about us.” –S

Stop what you are doing once a week for an hour and take this time for you.  Not the kids, your spouse, dinner~ whatever.  YOU~ you deserve an hour a week to learn more about how God’s word applies to your life on a deeper level and how worth the fight you are, in all areas of your life!  While it will call for more than an hour of your time each week, you will find God waiting and yearning to talk with you and listen to all your concerns.  The more time you spend with Him the more you will begin to see all He has in store for you and how God wants to use your story to help others.  ~Tamara

My fav part of the workshop was week 4 (speaking life), I was in the process of changing my lifestyle schedule to waking up early when we did this and I went from waking up grumpy to waking up declaring that “ I am strong in the Lord” “Greater is he that is in me…”, listening to gratitude soaking etc. I am more attentive to the words I speak and am able to catch negative thoughts faster. --Guy


The camaraderie and having a dialogue with others who are going through the same challenges was key. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. --Brent

I had no idea how much I needed this workshop! There was so much depth to it, and to be honest there were a few weeks that I didn’t do the work. I ended up taking it twice—I was amazed at how different my answers were the second time around. This workshop works!!! --Jake


I highly recommended The Change Your Story Workshop to anyone who is ready to find the grace in their story. This program provides tools and exercise to help you to do deep work, it combines principles of neuroscience to help you rewire your brain and gives hope for permanent change. Thank you so much Kirstin for this valuable workshop, thank you for doing your own hard work so that you can help me to do mine. Cheers! --Name withheld

Kirstin has such a beautiful way of allowing God to work through her journey and struggles that truly are life changing.  Life is not always easy, and while God never promises us it will be, He does promise He will be with us through it.  And in this workshop His love and promises are very evident through the strength and honesty that comes naturally when we surround ourselves in His word.  Kirstin has an incredible heart for God and helping others and her joy and love for people truly shines each week making everyone comfortable and at ease allowing us to dig deeper and be honest with ourselves about what our struggles are and why!  For me setting aside the time each week was a challenge, but I quickly found myself excited to meet each week and I am certain if you take The Change Your Story Workshop, you will too! 

The flow of the workshop was great. For me personally I will be doing more of week 3 work to rewire my brain. I recommend for myself doing this work more independently. I love the resources at the back of the book also (claiming your identity and the scripture references) I made some cue cards of “my thing and the scriptures to battle it which I will continue to use as reference) –Name withheld

When I signed up I was not sure what to expect, and my 1st class I felt a bit vulnerable but immediate warmed up to the group because it was intimate which made me feel very comfortable. --MJ

I found the workshop to be paced and structured in an optimal way to achieve transformation and awareness of what’s holding me back so that I can create new habits. It is definitely worth the time, and the classes are only one hour a week in group setting, which I also found beneficial to learn and experience camaraderie from the other participants. Kevin

The Change Your Story Workshop was so much more than I expected.  Let me clarify~ I expected it to be good…  I was not expecting to learn as much about myself as I did… after all, I have been closest to me all my life!  ~Steph

“My favorite part of The Change Your Story Workshop was the encouragement I received from Kirstin and the rest of the group. I received confirmation to never give up hope and the best is yet to come.” –Amber

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