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"Everyone has a story but only the brave really share their stories. Kirstin Leigh is brave. I know her. She is a radiant, life-giving, blessing bearer to all. She is a woman who has learned to live again and her life message will inspire, motivate, and equip you to change your story. Her practical insights will engage you and give you the courage to dig deeply into your own story. You will start to see it from a new perspective... The Change Your Story Workshop will provide on-ramps to roads of unimaginable freedom where dreams become reality."
—W. REX HOLT, founder of Conejo church and managing director of Le Pont--a bridge to Africa 

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Recognized as an expert in the world of recovery and breakthrough, Kirstin Leigh is a an  author, motivational speaker, recovery coach, and the Founder of The Change Your Story Workshop..


The Change Your Story Workshop is a ground breaking, faith based, holistic program that equips clients with the tools if takes to break free from bad habits, faulty mindsets, self-sabotaging behavior, and addiction.


The nine week program utilizes Neuroscience principles along with CBT, DBT, Motivational Coaching, Scripture, and Prayer to help identify the root causes of “issues,” rewire the brain, and renew the mind. The Change Your Story Workshop empowers clients to Discover—or ReDiscover their dreams, pursue purpose, and live life at their highest potential.

Kirstin’s breakout book, “Change Your Story” is endorsed by Tim Storey, world renowned  speaker, best-selling author, and life coach to the stars; Touré Roberts, best-selling author,  speaker, influencer, and the founder of the Potters House at One LA; and Nancy Stafford,  award winning actress, speaker, and best-selling author.

A dynamic communicator and motivational speaker, Kirstin speaks at schools, churches, rehab centers, women’s events, and at risk youth centers. She’s also inspired audiences with her story on numerous networks and television shows including: CBN, Atlanta Live, Babbie's House, Overcomers TV, Upliftv, Beauty for Ashes, Uniting the Nations, Mega Praise Ministries, 99.5 Heart of God radio, The Cross TV Network, Coffee with Kim, and Inside Voice with Brenda Crouch.

In addition to “Change Your Story,” and “Believe,” Kirstin’s debut book for tweens, Kirstin was a featured writer for Abide, the No. 1 prayer and meditation app in the country. Her voice launched Abide's healing channel with her messages, "Set Free from Addiction," and "Break Free from Depression." Kirstin is a featured writer for Family Christian's digital magazine; Brio, Focus on the Family’s  publication for young adults; and has a column, “Change Your Story with Kirstin Leigh,” in Women World Leaders international magazine, Voice of Truth.

To book Kirstin for Speaking engagements or for more information on her latest projects, please visit:

The Change Your Story Workshop is what I needed when my life needed a major re-write! ~Kirstin Leigh

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The Change Your Story Workshop


Buy Change Your Story by Kirstin Leigh
Believe by Kirstin Leigh
The Change Your Story Workbook

Check out Kirstin's column in International magazine,
Voice of Truth, Family Christian & The Daily Positive 

Self Indulgence-the Imposter to Self-Love

Kirstin Leigh speaking on Breakthrough at Free to Love Again
Kirstin Leigh speaking at Free to Love Again Workshop
The Change Your Story Workshop
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