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Break Free from what's Breaking You


Change Your Story

The Change Your Story Workshop offers a Faith based, Holistic approach to Breaking Free from bad habits, life controlling issues, and faulty mindsets. The 9 week course Empowers you to rewire your brain, put an end to self-sabotaging behavior, and Discover how Purpose is the Key to Breakthrough.

Are you smart and successful? Do you have big dreams? Are you in control of almost everything--yet struggle to break bad habits? Are you making decisions you’re not proud of when you’re upset? Does your past feel like an overweight backpack? Do you hide how much you drink, smoke, use drugs, or abuse food? Are you tired of faulty mindsets that take you on detours and lead you down a familiar path that goes nowhere?

If so, The Change Your Story Workshop was created for You.


No matter where you are, where you’ve been, or how many times you’ve tried before, You Can CHANGE YOUR STORY!!! You can break free from bad habits. You can say good-bye to addictions, let go of the lies you've believed, and find freedom in forgiveness. You can move forward and live life at your highest potential! 

My name is Kirstin Leigh and I’m the founder of The Change Your Story Workshop. I know from experience that changing your story (even considering it!) is hard stuff. But so is not changing it. Eleven years ago, I was drinking 20 beers a day. And no one even knew. But it was getting harder and harder to pretend that "everything was fine." I almost died 3 times from alcohol poisoning. Worse than that were the 300+ other days a year that I wasn't really living. I "knew" I could stop drinking, but what I didn't know is if I could deal with all of the reasons I was drinking in the first place!

With God—and a lot of hard work, I changed my story. But saying good-bye to alcohol was not the biggest change I made. The biggest change I made was in my "thinking" and learning to not let feelings be the boss of my life. Whether it's breaking free from a bad habit, a life controlling issue or a faulty mindset, we have to Deal to Heal, and that is what The Change Your Story Workshop is all about.

Are you ready to Break Free from what is breaking you?


If “yes,” I invite you to CLICK the Button and find out how to join The Change Your Story Workshop.

Throughout the course you will learn to:

*Change Your Story

*Identify your why

*Understand the psychology behind your desires

*Conquer unwanted cravings  

*Find freedom from alcohol and other related substances

*Process feelings and emotions

*Recognize spiritual warfare 

*Uncover the promises and provision hiding behind your problems

* Stop repeating dysfunctional patterns and addictive cycles

*Take control of your life

*Pursue Purpose--the Key to Breakthrough

Your Life is a Masterpiece Waiting to be Discovered

"CHANGE YOUR STORY is powerful! Kirstin Leigh will guide you on a journey to triumph regardless of where you may have started from.” —Touré Roberts, Author, Speaker, Producer, and founder of One Church LA.

"In a time when so many people are finding themselves in an OK life, Kirstin Leigh shows us by experience, that you can change the channel at any point in your journey and find a life full of meaning and strength.”

—Tim Storey, Author, Speaker, Life Advisor

“The Change Your Story Workshop will give you the impetus and inspiration you need to get you ‘unstuck’ and make those long desired changes in your life!  Full of Biblical truths and powerful insights, Kirstin Leigh will help you shake off your past, alter your thinking, and dare to believe that you DO have a wonderful future and destiny."—Nancy Stafford, Actress, Speaker, Author 

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