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Reviews & Testimonies


This workshop was one of the best things I got to do for myself. Kirstin is authentic, shares her story which really made me feel comfortable to share my own, and is so encouraging. Each week I learned so much and by the end of the program I did change me story. It freed me to dream again, have vision, and reawaken my purpose. ~Danielle

Being in the Change Your Story Workshop was an incredible and healing experience. I took part in the workshop during a very dark time in my life. The group members were extremely supportive of one another. Kirstin was amazing as our group leader and the materials used in the workshop were so beneficial in the path toward my healing. I highly recommend this to anyone who is in need of group support and encouragement! ~Anya Jan. 2023

Taking this workshop has changed my life and the way I think about myself and my circumstances. I used to think that maybe I would just have to accept certain behaviors of mine because for most of my years I tried to break free from them without success.


But God, through Kirstin and her "Change Your Story" workshop showed up to transform me by renewing my mind. It was my miracle.


Kirstin's manner of teaching, listening, and leading us in our group setting is in such a way that you feel safe to be there and to share difficult things. The way she listens and responds always feels like she is truly listening, values what you say and cares tenderly with her heart. Her energy and enthusiasm is such a pleasure and her storytelling of her life is engrossing.


In addition to acquiring knowledge from Kirstin, I learned from the other people in the group as they shared their backstory. The care and concern for one another in the group was evident as we all listened attentively to one another's struggles. Kirstin would give us time to start "Making Room For Success" (my favorite part). We would be all together online but we would each be working individually out of our workbook while soft classical music played in the background. Then we'd come back together after 10-15minutes and share some of our answers, thoughts, revelations. Every week, I always looked forward to our time together, and to share our progress, whether big or little.


There are so many great aspects of The Change Your Story Workshop and one of them is that once I learned how to break free from what's breaking me in one area, I am able now to apply what I learned to other areas of my life for breakthroughs to change my story.... to freedom, hope and a purposeful life.


I can't say thank you enough to Kirstin for founding this God-ordained workshop. I passionately recommend it!! And I pray The Change Your Story Workshop will be made known to the world, and God will be glorified through it as people learn their purpose and plan for their lives, and have life and have it abundantly, just like Jesus says. ~Angela Delancy 2023

The Change Your Story Workshop was a journey I didn't know I needed to go on. When I registered for the workshop, I was curious but I also thought I'd done the healing work and have changed my narrative. However, I quickly realized that healing is a journey.

Kirstin did a beautiful job creating an environment for the participants to feel safe. She was vulnerable, open, and transparent about her personal journey, which gave others permission to be vulnerable. The culture of the workshop is collaborative. Kirstin doesn't lead the workshop as a person who has all of the answers. She makes it known that she is learning and healing alongside every person who takes the course. Though she's created this workshop and has been doing the work, she welcomes knowledge from others. As a result, I felt like I was giving and receiving.

Each week there was a new assignment that made the journey deeper. This workshop taught me how to apply God's words to my healing process to be reminded that I am worthy and enough because God says so. I am grateful for the experience and happy that this workshop was created. I recommend this work to everyone. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Freedom and joy is available when we change our story.
~Dom 2023

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